Surrender to God

Nowadays, everything vies for our attention. Our jobs. Our finances. Our politics. Our race. Our goals. And we deliver according to what’s required of us. We know when to show up for work, for example, and when to leave. We know what it takes (though we don’t always do it) to manage our finances. We study our crafts to reach our goals.

But you know what’s funny in a laugh-to-keep-from-crying sort of way? We do not give the same diligence to God. What time during the day are you scheduled to meet with God through prayer? How long does He expect this meeting to go? How much money, yes physical cash, does God require you to return to Him? And do you give it? Do you study His Word? How often and for how long?

You will worship something; my hope is that you would make a choice to worship God.


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    Speak! Praise God.


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