Capacity for Increase

Are you prepared for the next level? If what you were seeking/waiting for was presented to you at this very moment, would you have the capacity to receive it?

My blog posts have been scant recently because I came to the realization that I still remained unprepared. I want to write, I want to minister, I want to fully operate in my gifts, both (and in conjunction with one another) creatively and ministerially; but, simply having the desire and a gift is not an indicator of readiness.

God will only use me according to the depth that I have gone in Him. The depth of our relationship determines the breadth of my reach. More plainly, the deeper I grow in God the higher I can increase in my career, family, ministry, finances. 

That means the time I spend in prayer, meditation, and in His Word matters. I was reading and praying, but I hadn’t established a specific meeting time and duration that I would practice on a regular basis. If you only have those few things on your plate but still don’t make time for God, why would He give you even more to add to your list of excuses?

I also had to evaluate my willingness to obey His will and execute His instruction in spite of my personal opinion and the opinion of others. God needs to know that you are obedient because increase would only offer more opportunities not to be. He gave me a simple instruction. He told me to take everything out of my closet and sort through it. Give away what I no longer wanted and then put everything back in. That is no easy feat with a toddler to care for. I began the process but a week in I took a break for a few days. Almost immediately, I could sense the change. I wasn’t hearing from God at all nor did I feel connected. It occurred to me that I hadn’t completed the first task so why would He give me anymore instruction.

Clean your closet seems simple and it seems like something God would not concern Himself with. What does it have to do with creativity? What does it have to do with writing or poetry? It proves to God that I would follow His instruction in spite of obstacles. You have to obey Him in these seemingly small things. He tells us to remove people from our lives, to stop certain behaviors, to stop eating certain things. We don’t do it, attempt to apply His “grace” and then wonder why we have hit a plateau.

You cannot increase on His grace alone and as long as you use it as a crutch for your disobedience, laziness, stubbornness, lack of character, you will reach a plateau and stay there.


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    1. ReignofFaith says:

      Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for commenting!


  1. maxtari says:

    Thanks for sharing.


    1. ReignofFaith says:

      Thanks for reading! 🙂


  2. Alvernon says:

    Whoa… this was POWERFUL! I came across your site via Roberta Pimentel’s blog and this message was very much meant for me to read. Thank you for your insight and I pray we both find the necessary discipline to reach our respective plateaus…


    1. ReignofFaith says:

      I’m glad God spoke to you through it! Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment. Continue to go deeper in your relationship and you will reach higher ground!

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