Muhammad Ali

One Word Prompt: Smooth

Remember him not as poetry made manifest in a boxing ring. Remember him not for the graceful flutter of butterfly wings while simultaneously landing punches with his words, the pain of a bee sting. Muhammad Ali was as smooth as he was aggressive. His fights like the sweet taste of butter to his adoring fans. His words like electricity to the freethinking man.

Remember him, not for the public appearances where he was merely a shadow of the fighter we once knew. I see a warrior in relation to his strong beliefs. I see a champion for the cause, he spoke up for blacks. He spoke up for women’s rights. He was the voice on behalf of me and on behalf of you. If only we, as followers of Christ, could be half as uncompromising. So, remember him for his athletic, social, political contributions for which he fought. Remember him as an example to stand firm in your convictions. Remember him for that or remember him not.


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  1. You paid homage to him beautifully.

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    1. ReignofFaith says:

      Thank you. I was saddened when i heard of his passing so I decided to explore why

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Yes…no doubt the greatest boxer of all time!


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