Life After Loss: Birthing a Rainbow Baby

Trying again. Trying again after failure is difficult, no matter the circumstances. Deciding to have another after the death of a child is even harder. I am back from my hiatus because I overcame the fear that is inherent in walking into something that you once failed at.

Two Lined Triumph #5

Some people believe what they want to believe Finding comfort in falsity, avoiding truth that would set them free More Two Lined Triumphs 

Love, Omnipotent

​Attempts to escape Bed made in hell But there you are In the midst Wisdom, an ocean Knowledge, a river Fill me up Consume me with purpose Where can I go Where can I run  For you stretch forth  To every corner of the earth

Surrender My Sight

I had a vision problem. I had a vision problem which could not be rectified by a trip to the optometrist or a new set of glasses with a stronger perscription.  I had a vision problem that was deeply rooted in my past and supported by the lies of this age and my affinity for…

Surrender to God

Nowadays, everything vies for our attention. Our jobs. Our finances. Our politics. Our race. Our goals. And we deliver according to what’s required of us. We know when to show up for work, for example, and when to leave. We know what it takes (though we don’t always do it) to manage our finances. We…

Choosing Surrender

I’ve kept my mouth shut to avoid controversy. I’ve kept with the same, incredibly small, group of friends and I’ve lived my life in a way I would consider quite safe. And what’s wrong with that, right? Keeping your circle of friends tight? Seems reasonable. Avoiding confrontation? No need to start vain arguments. And what’s…

Declaration of Surrender

God is searching the earth for the one on whom He can depend. Someone who will do it His way, who won’t be led astray by the ways of this age. What is the current condition of your heart towards God?  Are you truly inclined to obey?  Will you stand boldly and say, “here I…