Life After Loss: Birthing a Rainbow Baby

Trying again. Trying again after failure is difficult, no matter the circumstances. Deciding to have another after the death of a child is even harder. I am back from my hiatus because I overcame the fear that is inherent in walking into something that you once failed at.

Two Lined Triumph #5

Some people believe what they want to believe Finding comfort in falsity, avoiding truth that would set them free More Two Lined Triumphs 

Love, Omnipotent

​Attempts to escape Bed made in hell But there you are In the midst Wisdom, an ocean Knowledge, a river Fill me up Consume me with purpose Where can I go Where can I run  For you stretch forth  To every corner of the earth

Surrendering My Politics: American Idols (Part 4)

If you are not committed to God’s will, ways, and purpose, what value do you even serve within the Kingdom? We diminish God to a beggar, desperate for followers, so He wouldn’t possibly reject me. But you are of no use to God if you won’t uphold that which is right in His eyes.

Surrendering My Politics: Abortion (Part 3)

This year, I am standing for God’s ways and His opinion more than I ever have. The color of my skin, history, emotions will no longer be the scale by which I measure my opinion and base my actions. And you know what? I’m going to do so unapologetically. Over the past few years, particularly in 2016,…

Surrending My Politics: God and My Vote (Pt. 2)

I am generally an emotional person. When I say emotional, I don’t mean the openly-cry-in-the-workplace type of emotions. I am not about the crying in public life.    I am certain I’ve cried publicly at some point, but I prefer to stare wide-eyed until the feeling passes.  I’m emotional in the sense that I can…

Surrendering My Politics: God and My Vote

A lot of the things I have experienced this year, probably among the most significant and difficult being the death of my daughter, have led me to a deeper level of surrender. When I was faced with the loss, I really only had two choices: surrender or give up. But how could I give up…